Active Edtech is the way forward. Redefining the role of content creation

Active Edtech is the way forward. Redefining the role of content creation


It's time to transition from Passive Edtech use to Active EdTech Use. SAMR is a relevant model to make that shift happen. It stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.
The idea is to progress from using technology to perform the same tasks already done by hand (substitution) to using technology for new tasks that would otherwise not be possible (redefinition). Increasingly, schools are expected to make sure that teachers and students are using devices, software, apps, and other digital tools in "active" ways.

This throws a challenge to the publishers and content creators to redesign content that supports Active EdTech use to create a difference in the learning outcomes. Learning content should be designed in a way to support engagement through activities and simulations, allow collaboration through social connect and at the end provide ways within the content to demonstrate what they had learned in the form of presentations and projects. In other words the content should be designed to ensure that students are making things and connecting with others and exploring the world, rather than staring at screens with rich media.

This calls for a carefully designed content development lifecycle and needs experts to design and develop just the right content to achieve the desired learning outcomes

STEP 1 : Need Analysis and User Research
STEP 2 : Learning and Experience Design
STEP 3 : Content and Storyboarding
STEP 4 : Media Asset Development
STEP 5 : Production
STEP 6 : Content Testing

Remember, technology is just an enabler and Active EdTech use calls for carefully designed interactive learning content which redefines rather than just substitute chalk and board learning.


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