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Top 4 ways to write accessible content

Writing accessible content makes it easy for readers to grasp the concept, idea or information you are trying to convey. And this applies for readers with disabilities as well as those without. Whether it’s educational or entertaining in nature, accessible content can enable anyone and ever[...]

Five Evolving E-Learning TRENDS

Technology has majorly driven our life patterns! Working, socializing, shopping and yes, learning is all literally done on the interactive boxes nowadays. Integrated learning approach has become extremely popular and institutions across the world are rapidly adapting to these changes. Classroo[...]

Turning Pokémon GO into Meaningful Educational Tools

Pokémon GO, the Augmented Reality based game that’s topping the search trends this month, has captured the attention of K-12 learners. So if these kids are primed to think of little else than this game then teachers and content providers might take the advantage of this newly created opportunit[...]
Data Analytics Driving Change in Education

Data Analytics – Driving Change in Education

“If you cannot measure something, you cannot understand it... If you cannot control it, you cannot improve it.”~ James Harrington The last 10 years have witnessed a huge buzz in the education industry with several startups and traditional publishers launching new technology tools and pla[...]

Multidisciplinary Integrated Curriculum – Anuraj Soni

This is not new and has been in practice for decades now. Let's first define what it is? Also called Linked Learning, this is an "Instructional method and materials for multidisciplinary teams of teachers to organize their instruction so that students are encouraged to make meaningful connections [...]

EdTech Industry Trends 1- Publishing is getting disrupted

As school year comes to a close in North America and Europe, it is a good time to ask the question: how has the education industry evolved and impacted the school year. As an EdTech company, Magic is a keen observer and active participant in K-12 education space in these regions. We clearly [...]

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