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Abrams Learning Trends is a highly regarded publisher of educational materials and is best known for its iconic, highly successful ‘Letter People’ puppets product that has been used by over 35 million children at Pre-K and Kindergarten levels.

Abrams was looking for a digital partner to develop a Common Core based early childhood literacy intervention product based on Letter People. Abrams chose to work with Magic based on Magic’s successful track record in K-12 product development, strong consultative approach, experience in agile software development, and technical expertise.

The target users of The Letter People Kindervention product are Kindergartners – which meant that the user interface and experience needed to be highly engaging. We achieved this by introducing interesting UI aspects such as visual picture based authentication, custom pointers for links, developing bespoke looking highly interactive activities, and designing learning objects for 10 minute engagement intervals.

The product needed to work online and provide a rich experience across all school environments and technology infrastructures – therefore the architecture design for the product supported a spectrum of browser choices from IE 8.0 to iOS 7.

The project was completed on time, on budget, with a very satisfied Abrams and Magic team..

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