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Business Challenge
The organization had a CD Product in Health Education for K-12 that was only desktop based. They required to revamp the product and make this content available online and offline to teachers and students on the Web. It was also necessary to enhance the product and create a modern version with a contemporary new look and feel. The product they envisaged would be:


  • a licensed product
  • with inbuilt user management
  • course management
  • available for classroom/group/self learning


Business Solution
The challenge was in reverse engineering the product, cracking the database code and the complex business logic to migrate the existing product to create a web based product that would meet all of their business requirements. The system that was created allowed the licensed user to access the product both in the online and offline mode.

Magic integrated the Web application with the A.D.A.M. Education product framework that has been used for AIA & AIO products. The product was developed for MAC, Windows and Linux systems.Some highlights of the product worked on by the Magic team were in the development of:


  • Curriculum Resources – Digitizing the content for the Heath
    and Wellness module and integrating it as a book module with ADAM Inside Out. Magic also recreated a detailed library of images for reference to assist instructors and help students.
  • Dissectible Anatomy – The team migrated this module from
    a desktop application to a web based one and enhanced and
    recreated the images for the different body structures.
  • The Inside Story – Magic worked on the engaging graphic
    content and recreation of animations covering the twelve body
  • 3D Anatomy – Work was done on the existing fully-rotating
    3D anatomical images with an animated tour of each body
    part and the application developed to recreate the 3D
    functionality in the online version.
  • Self Assessment – to allow students to test, reinforce, and
    assess their comprehension with quizzes and puzzles.

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