Assessment Solutions

assessment solutions

Comprehensive solutions and platforms to create, manage and deliver assessments

Assessment Items
Enhanced Item Types
Tests Generated
Learners Tested every Year

Magic is at the forefront of building platforms and solutions that support the entire assessment lifecycle and the assessment workflow for academic and administrative users.

Competency Assessments
On-the-job assessments to enhance employee skills & knowledge
Diagnostic Assessments
Assessment of learner’s knowledge prior to instruction
Classroom Assessments
Formative & Summative assessments to generate feedback


  • Create & import questions to author tests with varied question types
  • Use rich media – audio, video
  • Configure custom score, custom feedback, hints
  • Auto scored, open response, timed assessments


  • Easy integration with existing platform, LMS using Restful APIs
  • Device agnostic delivery – web & mobile
  • Print & Digital
  • Online & Offline


  • Set custom measurement dimensions
  • Use configurable scoring or performance rubrics
  • Visual interactive dashboards for analysis & reporting

Solutions that work

  • Cloud-based low cost access model
  • Import questions from existing collections – use QTI, CSV questions for import
  • Seamless integration – use IMS LTI specification
  • Braod range of report format – PDF, XLS, HTML
  • Author tests at one go – print & digital

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