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About The Customer
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Business Challenge
The organization needed to develop an eTextbook App which is an eBook reader for their content hosted on their Download Center.
Four OS versions of the App were required to support iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows. It was also required that the user be able to access the content in both online and offline mode.

Business Solution
Using an Agile delivery model, the development involved:

  • -ePub 2/ePub3 implementation with annotations implementation.
  • -Extended custom implementation of EPub3 to decrypt and render (includes caching) ePub2 in the app. Unlike ePub3, ePub2 is re-flowable and this is handled using custom code.
  • -FDF / XFDF implementation: FDF is a file format for representing form data and annotations that are contained in a PDF form. The eTextbook app uses it to save annotation data.
  • -Legacy user data migration – to be stored in the App to be retrieved when required, using CFI implementation.
  • -Removal of the Adobe RMSDK as the current rendering tool for PDF and ePub2 files and implementation of new support for the different eBook file formats (i.e. PDF, ePub2, ePub3).
  • -Implementation of bug fixes and improvements.


Other Key Features Added :

  • The creation of library icons for easy navigation, search function, glossary terms and notes.
  • Scrubber, pinch to zoom feature, highlighting, bookmarking, page navigation, internal and external linking.
  • Read aloud audio functionality.
  • Pdf security.



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