About The Customer
A prestigious institution set up by Government of Kazakhstan for imparting high standards of education to students of Kazakhstan.

Business Challenge
While creating curriculum content, the organization wished to focus also on building supplemental digital educational resources as reference material for its students. The collaborative effort was required in the creation of these digital learning objects for about 103 topics in a rapid time turnaround.

Business Solution
Magic set up a team of Instructional designers to deliver detailed storyboards. Next leveraging Magic’s cutting edge HTML5 framework – the team undertook rapid authoring of DLOs across mobile devices and desktops, in a tight time frame.

The work required the development of a wrap tool to automate the web build creation process for iOS, Android and Window both a web and hybrid build needed to be created. Magic tapped into its in-house capability to develop the animations, 3D artwork and graphics. The team reused existing templates and extended them with bespoke logic for every LO.  Data population using XML was used to support localization in 3 languages, and TinCan iimplementation ensured a seamless integration with the client end LRS.

Stringent rounds of QA followed on multiple testing environments. It was Magic’s technological capability and our past experience in creating similar products that won us this mandate and ensured a delighted customer!

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