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Macmillan Education is one of the largest educational publishers in the world with operations in over 100 countries. With the objective of driving product and process excellence across countries, Macmillian chose Magic as a software and content development partner to centralize its global product delivery platform. Working in an agile, user centric development model over two years, Magic delivered a robust centralized system that successfully manages millions of learners and delivers engaging content in schools and homes in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, India, and Japan.

The new, highly versatile integrated system can now deliver any type of digital educational content, from interactive eBooks to practice module and assessment capsules, videos, and simulations. This content can be delivered online and offline, through desktops and tablets. New courses can be created and delivered in a matter of hours instead of weeks. New features like classroom and social collaboration make learning more effective.

The key success factors for this highly complex project were a high degree of collaboration between Magic and Macmillan, and Magic’s ability to dynamically right size its development strategy to meet the evolving requirements.

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