Mobile App Testing

About The Customer
A global leader in Pre K-12 educational content and services, combining digital innovation and research to make learning more engaging and effective.

Business Challenge
The organization were looking to launch their popular App - a fun, engaging and entertaining app which develops the reading skill in children - on Appstore for both iPhone and iPad. For this first of its kind app for the pre-school curriculum, they had created a highly compelling digital solution for devices and wished to ensure its user experience matched the original print counterpart.. This was critical to their business plans.

Business Solution
Magic’s approach was:


  • To create a robust test plan for User Experience and Usability testing against Apple’s HIG and Nielsen’s heuristics evaluation guidelines.
  • Performance testing was carried out on different devices to test the crash log, battery consumption, memory usage, insufficient space, memory leaks.
  • An upgrade process was created to test the interim releases on the Appstore on the previously installed app version to ensure a seamless experience.

The strategic plan formulated by the QA team at Magic ensured the successful release of the App to the Appstore with over 1 million downloads in a short while. It gained in popularity and was in the top 10 paid apps on the Appstore for 2 weeks.

Looking at the successful launch of the iOS version,the customer has launched a customized Android version for the Amazon store. Magic did the QA for this product as well.

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