Platform Testing

About The Customer
A subsidiary of the world leader in performance-based certification exams and practice test solutions for academic institutions, workforce and corporate technology markets, delivered through an expansive network of Authorized Testing Centers worldwide. The organization works with industry-leading certification providers to bring their programs successfully to market and Magic has been one of their preferred testing partners since 2007.

Business Challenge
The customer required a strategic partner to work with them on the QA aspect to achieve their business goal of rolling out Certification and Practice Exams on quarter-to-quarter basis, seamlessly and with no issues. They required testing of the usability, accessibility, security and performance of the product to make it more user-friendly, secured and reliable. To innovate the QA process to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Business Solution
To meet their requirements, a core team from Magic went onsite to acquire product knowledge and understand the key challenges. After researching and doing an Exam and Platform automation feasibility analysis, the Magic team successfully implemented an automation solution that hugely reduced the TAT and with quick turnaround times, that helps release builds well in time.

Magic scaled up and initiated the testing for the client through virtual environments, saving costs on physical machines and enhancing the testing process. Magic’s capability also extended to specialized accessibility testing for the assessment product and quickly assessed potential issues and risks allowing the client to address them proactively.

Magic developed for them a QA plan that is split into specific categories (Functionality Performance, Security, Accessibility and Look and Feel), to ensure performance, quality, and compatibility and also introduced a formal Acceptance and Rejection criteria section to reduce effort and cost on low quality builds.
Magic has over time helped the customer deliver a stable product that has enhanced their partnership with Fortune 500 companies.

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