The Extensible Visual Authoring Framework

SmartFrame is an authoring environment for designers, production engineers and developers to create rich interactive content (HTML5/JS) without writing any code in a single visual environment.

Core to SmartFrame is a visual authoring environment that promotes selection of the components, i.e. independent pieces of functionality required, and allows them to be incorporated together in the desired interaction workflow, in hours instead of days. This is through templates and building blocks to create interactive content easily.

Key Features

  • Creates SMART Content – Social, Modular, Analytics-friendly, Reusable, and Technology-sound.
  • Works well with leading content distribution platforms.
  • Capable of generating automatic usage data through Tin Can API.
  • Publishes content into multiple formats, across multiple technologies (web/native).
  • Configures the look and feel of each component. Functionality can be easily configured to meet specific requirements.
  • Extensible as it is cloud-hosted. Ships with a variety of templates that get regularly updated to implement common learning design patterns and help create content in minutes.

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