Quality Assurance Testing for Web Based Applications and Platforms

Web based products are updated frequently, and have to be tested in a variety of environments. WebiTest empowers companies to reinvent the way quality assurance and functional tests are automated for web applications with minimal automation knowledge. WebiTest suite of automated testing tools and software allows automated test cases to be written in plain English language - making it easy for art graduates, manual testers, and product owners, to create the test cases.

The in-built generic framework eases the pain of automating different web apps, thereby, reducing the turn-around-time for taking the App to market. It is backed by a detailed report that provides exhaustive details along with comprehensive test metrics.

Built on top of a generic framework, that is cross application, cross browser, and cross platform, WebiTest reinvents the automated test process – seamlessly, minimizing effort and maximizing ROI.


Key Features

  • Automates functional tests for all kinds of web applications.
  • Works across the range of platforms and browsers.
  • Value for money with high customization.
  • Detailed bug execution reports with comprehensive test metrics.
  • Advanced logging & monitoring.
  • Anytime, Anywhere report through email.

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